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A Tribute to The Rough Copy

Chitrangada loves to read and write.The many possibilities of Online writing excites, and enthuses her, to rediscover herself as a writer.

Rough Copy or Rough Notebook

Rough Copy or Rough Notebook

Rough Copy: The Most Important Copy

Recently, I was going through some of my old note books. One of my old rough copies attracted my attention the most, and made me nostalgic.
This also inspired me to express my thoughts in my next article.

When I was studying in school, we had separate designated note books or note copies for each subject, for example Maths. Science, Social Studies, Language—English, Hindi and others. Besides all those fare copies, there always was a Rough copy, to note down, important points, in points or short sentences, when the teacher was teaching in the class.

The handwriting in such rough copies was really bad, because it was being written hurriedly, as and when the teaching was going on, and since no one was going to check those copies. Therefore, only the writer of the notes could understand, where and what was written in those copies.

I did find the names and addresses of some of my old classmates, which refreshed my precious memories.
Usually, at the few back pages of the rough copy, I used to draw faces, sketches, and other stuff, because I was fond of drawing and painting. In fact, I used to practice and fine tune my sketches and drawings, at the back pages of my rough copies.

The back pages of the rough copy also contained to-do lists, to be remembered important dates, small messages, mini conversations with friends, quotes, some lyrics of my favourite songs and many such interesting things.

Obviously, the flow of these creative activities went on in the classrooms, when the teacher was actually teaching in the class.

It was so much fun also, to pass these rough copies to fellow classmates, to show them, what we were up to.
What I am trying to explain through my childhood memories is, that the rough copy is/ was not rough or useless after all!

What is a Rough Copy, after all?

As Noun— Preliminary notes of an essay, letter, an article, a book, a poem or a speech.

Using it in a sentence— “This is rough copy, as I have written. You can edit, or improve it and correct the rough draft.“
I had no idea then, that is during my school days, that by means of the rough copy, we actually scribble our creativity, in words or in the form of drawing.
This is in fact, a part of the writing process. Rough copy is in reality, the rough draft, which is so important for a writer, or a creative person.

A Tribute to the Rough copy

A Tribute to the Rough copy

A Tribute to Rough Copy— Poem

The rough copy,

Is not rough at all,

It has the responsibility,
And the burden,

Of managing,

Of organising,

All my subjects,

And my creativity,

Maths, Science,

History, Geography,

Arts, Language,

And many more,

Real treasure of words,

Storehouse of information,

My real self,

My breathing space,

My creativity,

At it’s best,

Want to peep into the past memories,

Just go through the rough copies,

It’s the rough copies,

Which make our lives fare,

They give the direction,

And build the foundation.

Rough notebook

Rough notebook

The Rough Draft is ultimately transformed into the Final Draft

It’s a good practice to write your thoughts in a rough copy first. This is your rough draft. You can develop, edit, add, change later, as new ideas come to your mind.
When I was doing this back in my childhood, I didn’t even realise, how important it is for a writer.
My writing process is more or less the same even now.
There are several pages, where I start something, and add later. This way, I can jot down on paper, what’s going on in my mind. Some pages get completed into a writing piece, while others await their turn.
The rough draft is to help you figure out your story/ content/ poem etc., till you are able to write a reasonably good, final draft, and then submit it to publish the same.

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