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A Tribute to Heroes


In memoriam to heroes, who gave it their all,

Served their duty well and answered the call.

Their bravery shown by those who have died,

Brought a great victory, as each one stood tall.

World wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East,

Not a matter where they were sent, all served,

Showed the best of this great nation's devotion,

As all have not gotten recognition so deserved.


Our thanks we do give to these our heroes all,

Every job was well done, no task was so small.

Each has helped make America greater, by far,

Standing for every stripe, then placing each star.

We will always respect and admire our heroes,

Will so remain in our hearts and minds to stay.

We owe so much more for what they've done,

Thanks for our safe country, forever and a day.

Thank you, to all of our veterans!

Thank you, to all of our veterans!

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