A Tribute to America

Updated on December 31, 2017

America, oh, sweet America,

Land of the free,

As the old adage saith,

Of mounts, and shores,

Ravines and plains.

You, whom Washington fathered,

Whom Jefferson distilled,

You, wherebefore whole world abased,

You, whither giants resteth,

Shalt forthwith be an abode to me;

For evermore,

In endless perpetuity.

Across the Ocean I slid,

In thought only.

I beheld you once,

And stood enamored.

From sunrise to midnight,

East to West, if thou wilt,

Thou shalt never meet a second

Shining City on a hill.

Marvel at the towering beauties,

Gleaming, corruscating lights,

Acclaim oft their lavish barons,

And their mendicants alike.

Oh, America, beloved,

Land of bounty and of toil,

How I wish to breathe your fresh air,

To set foot on your rich soils.


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