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A Tree's Re'quest

I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.

A Tree's Re'quest

A Tree's Re'quest

A Tree's Re'quest

A Tree's Re'quest

On a hill the old tree did rest, he spoke to me and gave a quest.

"A magic orb is what I seek, deep in a swamp so horrid and bleak."

I gathered my courage as I made for the shore, a boat I would need to get to the core.

A long journey fast as I hurried with speed. To gather the treasure that the tree he must need.

I jumped and I dodged as I flew through the forest.

I saw giant mushrooms ahead and knew the swamp lay before us.

With a spring in my step, I hurtled a huge log. I was jumping so high; you'd think I was a frog.

A stink in the air and I knew I was there. The swamp lay before me; "Do I enter?", "Would I dare?"

Drawing my sword and clutching it tight, I entered the swamp ready to fight.

My legs sunk and they pulled as I wade through the muck. I just hoped to God that I wouldn't get stuck.

A creature of doom lay menacingly ahead in my path, blocking the orb I had reached last.

My sword held tight and ready to fly, when the creature lunged at me I shouted: "DIE!!!"

When the blade found its target the beast started to cry, one last whimper as if to say goodbye.

The prize set before me, right in front of my eyes. The magical orb, then away it flies.

I run and I chase it, jumping over a log.

The orb then headed into a giant mushrooms spore fog.

I lost track for a second and before I knew, zip, zap, zoom, into the woods; away it flew.

I quickened my pace, and ran as fast as I could, chasing the orb into the wood.

Out of the forest and onto the shore. I jumped in the boat and picked up the oars.

Approaching the tree it’s starting to slow, I finally caught it, then I had to let go.

Releasing the orb it floats from my hands. Singing and humming like a magical band. It zips and it twirls around the old tree. Bringing it life and growing its leaves. Orbs of fruit fill on its branches, as the magic continues it spins and it dances.

The orb sparkles and shines as it lights up the sky. It was so incredibly beautiful, I thought I might cry. "BOOM!" an explosion of colors raining down, they turn into flowers as they fall on the ground.

The music was over, all actions had stopped. All but the fruit, it whistled and popped.

The tree feeling happy called our friends, the turtles, the horses, and the little red hens. The tree shared its fruit, I had it with soda. The horses ate too much, farting; producing a bad odor. The turtles left droppings, and the hens scratched at flowers, this non-sense went on for hours and hours.

Leaves started to wither and drop from the tree. The animals scared they started to flee; but not me. All leaves had fallen, all flowers were gone; only one fruit is singing it’s now lonely song.

The tree feeling withered, had a request. I nodded my head and said, "I'll do my best."

"Take my last fruit to a faraway place, back to the swamp and not in your face. Put the orb in the ground it needs to grow. Now hurry boy, hurry, go, go, go!"

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi