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A Traveler for Good

So now I’ve realized
How weak that I am
Falling in love like a man
It’s not so hard to understand
Why my heart can’t sleep
I knew you all along
The girl who was small
Quiet eyes I seem to recall
I wasn’t so sure I would fall
But now I know it’s steep

I don’t remember how
Someone took your hand
Put on a wedding band
Gave you a lifetime plan
A promise for you to keep
Then life moved too fast
He was in God’s plan
Who also took his hand
Seas, salt and sand
Parting while you weep

So then you were alone
And the years soon passed
Our children grew too fast
Was love only the past
You could only wonder
How could I have known
We would meet again
The funeral of a friend
A message destiny did send
Love making us feel younger

It didn’t take very long
We made a life that was new
Told one another it was true
Love was never like you
We believe in each other
And as I think of yesterday
You were a bird that flew
Inside my heart what grew
Was a nest for me and you
You would soon discover

You are more than a friend
A traveler only for good
Gathering leaves and wood
Taking time as only you would
To warm the hearts of misery
They see you as I do now
Doing what I never could
Always what we should
Peace and brotherhood
You finally delivered me