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A Toxic World

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Out With The Trash

Haven't we heard enough already

This and that is bad for you

He said she said

I think it is time we all grew up

Where not children anymore

There is a great world out there

Waiting to be discovered

Lately all I have seen is bad news

I feel it with the people around me

Such bad vibes

I can't be the only one

I don't like it one bit

All the bickering and name calling

In the newspaper, t . v. or online

We have to put a stop it

Why not now

When I was growing up

I couldn't wait to be an adult

To have a say in things that matter most

Not just to me but everyone in the world

What a responsibility and an honor

I am asking all the good hearted and hard working people

To come together

I know we can argue till all the people in the world turn purple

Then and after all that

It still won't solve one darn thing

It not only makes everyone aggravated and frustrated to know end

Not to mention physically ill

We accomplished nothing

What a waste of time and energy

Except we prove to each other who is the biggest ass

There will always be problems in the world

It is up to the people to act like rational adults

With kindness and knowledge

To search for the right choices

There are more than one

I know most people don't want to hear it

That we are not the world savor

There are many ways that can work

Some solutions are better than others

Actually we will probably be wrong 80 % of the time

We will make mistakes

That is what humans do

We try to come up with a solution for everybody

It is not easy

It is a hard job


There is always a but

We all can do it

Not bickering and making people feel uncomfortable

Instead try understanding and patience

Work closer to a better solution

Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth

Isn't it time we all grew a pair ?

Yes the truth hurts

I look around at all the grown adults

Who are acting worse than kids

I think sometimes children have more brains

Day after day

When will it stop?

When people finally decide

I am not going to bring myself down to their level

I want a change

I will stand out from the crowd and say

Lets reunite us

Together as one people

We only have one world last time I checked

When your trying to find an answer to a math problem

You have to go down to the most common denominator

The root of the problem

Life is no different

Like a tree

The roots can grow long and deep

Not a one time deal

A quick snip and where done

The tree roots are wrapped around rocks and other roots

Which make it even harder

One shovel at a time

One inch more

You can finally dig up that tree

Not without a lot of sweat and tears

I don't know what the next answer will be

I do know this is the way not to go

What we have tried in politics and in the world

Doesn't feel right

It makes my stomach want to hurl

There has to be a better way

So with a little ingenuity and team work

Lets give one problem at a time a try

You might be amazed at the progress we can make

I feel better already

How about you ?