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A Township

I am blessed to live in a nature bound area in the middle of a crowded busy city. This is a short description of the place.



Away from the crowd

Far from traffic club

Nestled in the middle of a city

But like magic devoid of hubbub.

A cacophony of bird cries

Sparrows cuckoos tailorbirds

And so many other unknown

Multicoloured feathers of pride,

Where peacocks roam heads held high

Oh! Like medicine for the sore eye.



An avenue of trees drooping to low heights

Copper pods gulmohurs and pines

Leafy enormous and bushy grounds

With blossoms red white and gold bright.

A sudden bent is met with

A rush of purple light

Lovers rejoice in solitude

Hands held tight.

The Lucky Men


High from and close to the ground

Lie the lucky homes of them

Canopied walks night and day

The smell of Hasnuhana loosens rusty ends.

Somewhere within is my home

Verdure so intense and green

To wake up with a bird’s song every morn

A night so peacefully serene.

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra