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A Tisiway Poem

Marieta Maglas is a co-author in some anthologies published by Ardus Publications, Sybaritic Press, Prolific Press, and Silver Birch Press.

Dancing Samba Touré

In a Saharan Samba Touré,

a new, blue dance

hits the hotness

of the sand grain and impregnates

the souls with love. There is no chance for God

to be seen , but to be felt

in a high- spirited way . The same tattooed sadness

and its subconscious ascesis

are released in the burning ,

hypnotic air. All the feelings can return

to what they have been once ~

a cyclic evolution in perfectionism. Those free people

being like blue birds of happiness touch

a sky dancing Takamba. Some shadows of the day

fly in the moonlight

to cool off. Old ghosts of memory

are penetrated in their grain of thinking

by the whole world's ancient spirituality~

a need to survive.

Poem by Marieta Maglas


Marieta Maglas on October 01, 2019:

Thank you, Hari.

Hari Prasad S from Bangalore on September 21, 2019:

I liked this poetry, it has a mysterious thrill of a cultural activity of thumping song and dance.

Marieta Maglas (author) on September 15, 2019:

The Tuareg people's culture once flourished in the old space of Algeria, Mali, Libya, Niger, and Burkina Faso. The word Tuareg, in its origin, means 'unknown' .Their language is called Tamajaq and it is found to be ' one of the oldest scripts of the world' . They say that their origin is in Hamiriya, in Yemen. The Tuareg society is hierarchical and has a nobility, which is organized in family groups or Tawshets. A majaghan is elected and responsible for defense during any travel. The divorced women name the men they have divorced as 'Ohasis' meaning ' freed from any obligation' . Their songs and poems are performed by the noble persons during celebrations. All I have found regarding your question is that 'tisiway' is a word used for poetry as ' tasikisikit' is used for vocal songs, as 'asak' is used for the songs that are accompanied by the violin, and as 'tahengemmit' is used for some slow songs that are performed by the elder men. Maybe this information helps: 'anna' means mother, 'abba' means father, and 'kel' means self-identification. Tuaregs have an art exhibition titled ' Art of Being Tuareg Sahara Nomads in a Modern World' at Smithsonian Institute.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on September 14, 2019:

This is a deep poem with many beautiful words. A dance of survival. what is the meaning of Tisiway?

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