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A Time Traveler

I decided it was time to head out west
On a steam train or a covered wagon
I survived storms and sendero ruffians
It’s not so hard to do if you can imagine

I broke bread with a common thief
I fed him before he took what was mine
He said, “Food is fair game, dead or alive”
That’s what I thought, so I parted the line

I asked, “What if everyone caught typhus?”
He said, “Everybody’s sick, it’s a debt we owe
God don’t tell us how to pay, just that we will
The air is full of sin, that makes the wind blow”

He asked, “Where you from boy?
You ask a lot of strange questions”
I said, “You’re the one that’s asking
I’m about dreams, not explanations”

I got myself going first thing sun-up
The coffee got cold but the air was hot
I kept looking at the horizon up ahead
I wondered if I’d reach it, probably not

I met another man, I wondered what to say
I said, “People will die if we don’t do something”
He looked at me like I was a crazy man on the run
“Tell me son, you really think we’re doing nothing?”

The time between a dream and reality is long
To the past everything I know is useless
My worries were modern, their acceptance aged
You can’t dodge fate, you only can fight it again

I reached the top of the pass and fell back asleep
I told my friend about my vision after I woke
He said, “A time traveler is always dreaming”
I wondered if it was now or then that finally spoke

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