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A Time To Wander

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I Am Not Sure Where I Will Be Next

I do know I am happy to go

I drift on a thought

So easily so many other people have fought

I feel the intense desire to roam

With the buffalo if I could find any

To hug someone for no reason at all

Today that may not be a good thing to do

Actually it would probably get me in a lot of trouble

So I will give someone a hug in my mind

To sit and listen to a stranger who wants to talk

That is something else frowned upon in our society

Why ? What purpose would that serve ?

They don't know you and they would probably be scared of you

Many thoughts I think I have to keep to myself

If they get out who knows what could happen

Someone could be a little bit happier because of it

The world I live in day to day

Is a different world I see in my mind

I feel fearless and free

I love taking walks

If I could have any ability

I would love to walk up a side of a tree

That would get some attention

I am sure not many other people can do that

Would that be good attention or bad attention

I would think it would be good

Then again someone would find or make it bad

So I sit here and type

I wander off and on to the next page

I am free to think and dream

In real life that sits just outside my door

Nothing I dream and wish could happen really matters

People are worried and scared about life

How I wonder ?

The same life that give me a breath of fresh air every time I breathe

I feel bad for my wife

She just caught a cold

I believe that if we eat right and exercise when we can

We will stay healthy

This is not always the case

I have been blessed with good health

Almost every day of my life

Only a few times I have caught a cold that I couldn't shake

So the only heartache I feel is when I think

Of so many people that hurt

I don't know how to help

I send them my love, kindness

My never ending thoughts of goodness

I found what makes me the happiest

Is to constantly think happy thoughts

With all the thoughts we can think of every day

I know life isn't no bed of roses

I just heard of a friend that went into surgery because of an infection in her hip

They had a very extensive surgery

Now she has a cement spacer in her hip

With it she can never walk again

I am saddened by the news

All I can do is pray

There are so many accidents and problems that happen to people all over the world

I don't have answers

I do know there is never ending love

A love so powerful that can make everyone feel better

If I keep learning different ways to tap into that love

Life has to keep getting better

So even if the weather outside is cold and snowy

I can find warmth and comfort inside my home

Then as I go outside to go to work

I find peace inside my positive thoughts

So it is with these thoughts I explore and expand on

Trying to investigate

All the things that make me smile

That bring a little joy to my day

I wonder from place to place easily

Before I even type a key

I have thoughts that constantly rise

It is nothing that I constantly think of

They are alive and fresh like early Spring

So if this makes any sense I am not sure

In my mind it is easier than opening the front door

Clearer than the ceiling over my head

Wider than the milky white sky that covers up the whole top and either side

Where ever I look and can see

With this I bid you a life of leisure and endless romance

To bring you to a place of happiness and full of joy

I will make my rounds

Only to check in on you later

Peace comes in pieces

I find a little and give you a lot

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