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A Tight Sqeeze

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Another Day With A Twist

Up and out early

We changed our food shopping day from Wednesday to Tuesday

Fewer people and it gives us more time on our day off

Reluctantly, I got up early to go

Once there I am fine

We came home and rushed to put things away

We bought a frozen pizza

The price was right

Boy was it good

With lunch out of the way

I went out in the yard and fixed all the lawn furniture

We had tucked it away because of the hurricane

Our neighbor shared some delicious watermelon she had

We had a little ice cream with a broken up sugar cone on top with jimmies

It is hot and humid out

So a good day to sit inside with the air conditioners on

Off to work in a little bit

A lovely morning after all

Some days start out shaky

Then before you know it

They end up surprisingly good