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A Tight Sqeeze


Another Day With A Twist

Up and out early

We changed our food shopping day from Wednesday to Tuesday

Fewer people and it gives us more time on our day off

Reluctantly, I got up early to go

Once there I am fine

We came home and rushed to put things away

We bought a frozen pizza

The price was right

Boy was it good

With lunch out of the way

I went out in the yard and fixed all the lawn furniture

We had tucked it away because of the hurricane

Our neighbor shared some delicious watermelon she had

We had a little ice cream with a broken up sugar cone on top with jimmies

It is hot and humid out

So a good day to sit inside with the air conditioners on

Off to work in a little bit

A lovely morning after all

Some days start out shaky

Then before you know it

They end up surprisingly good


DREAM ON (author) on August 27, 2021:

Louise Powles What a combination. What are your favorite combinations that spark your fire? I also like a good chicken cutlet parmesan and I am ready to take on the world. Cereal is my daily go-to. I have it almost every morning. Not much new here. Doing what I do best. I am going to work my butt off and then hopefully have some good poems to write. The stories come best when I am the busiest in my life. I often say ninety percent of my poems come from my wife. She gives me positive influences then most of all she gives me the time to write. Thank you for all your support and kind heart. May today be a day of wonder and joy.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on August 24, 2021:

You can't go wrong with pizza and watermelon. :)

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