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A Thought In Hiding

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Where Are You?

Every day that passes

You come a little closer

No matter what I do

You slowly pop in and out

So quietly not to wake anyone else

I can feel you

I can't see you

But I know you are still around

What must I do?

To make you come alive and thrive

With life barking at my door

It is easy for me to get carried away

I slip away from fantasy

Into a world of reality

When action and sight are masters

Where once again

I see small signs that you have come and gone

I close my eyes and think

My brain tries to use logic

I seek out other people and discuss

Have you ever had a deep desire?

That you wish and think is true

You have no proof

You just know

Yes, they too have been baffled

By thoughts they can't understand or completely comprehend

That dance on the grass

On the morning dew

That glide through the day

Riding in your backseat

Even at night

At the end of the day

They are peeking in

Only to discover

They have taken a walk through when you are a sleep

Sometimes when I stop to eat

I get an impulse

A unique presence

A flash before my eyes

Like a clever halloween costume

That amazes and surprises

Makes us laugh

Like a little boy who finds a penny

All good thoughts come to mind

Holds it up to the light

Rubs it gently one or two times

Then he puts it in his pocket

Keeps it for safe keeping

Thinking how lucky was he

To be at the right place at the right time

Even though there are so many other pennies in the world

This one is special

Our cat Charlotte

Wakes me from a deep sleep

Only to be patted and loved

When I try to go back to bed

She licks me then nibbles at my hand

To let me know it is time

Is there something I should know?

I get up

The morning light is just rising out of the unknown

Bringing the day into focus

I look up in the huge open sky

With clouds of white that scatter off into the heavens

Will today be the day?

That I find my way

To discover

The one thing I have been chasing

All my life

Only to learn

It is big, bold and as beautiful as I had imagined

A dream come true

Not just for me

But for you

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