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A Thorn in His Father’s Flesh

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His father was a judge in one of the local courts in the island, and he is known to be strict

He does not take nor give bribe, he is known to be strict in his judgement and has repeatedly

Ignored pleas even from colleagues to temper justice with mercy in some cases which have

Been brought before him in which people have pleaded for mercy and have asked some

Of his superiors to wade into the matter, but he would neither listen to them nor sit with

Them when he hears that they have come to mediate on some of the people’s cases. Thus,

People have known him for this. Thus, when any matter goes before him, no one would

Dare consult him for anything, and when people who are known to be affiliated with him are

Called upon by those who have cases before him, they will turn down the offer of going

Before him, what could only be done, is transferring the case from him to another

Magistrate people will counsel anyone who comes to them like that. When people know that

He is unyielding, they also set trap for him through his son, and his son fell into the trap. His

Son was kidnapped by gang members of the man who has been sentenced to twenty years

Imprisonment. They had threatened to kill the boy, but he was heady saying he will not give

Bribe to them so that his son be delivered. His wife had to wade in to the matter, and he paid

The ransom that was asked for so that the son be delivered. Albeit before the son was

Released he has been brain-washed by those gang members and his way of thinking has

Changed such that his heart has been with the group and he wants more than ever to be in

Their midst. For he says, his father has not been accommodating nor taken care of him, his

Mother and siblings as expected of a family head, he is too harsh to them too, he has said, and

Now that he is being shown means of going haywire by the people, he decides to toe their

Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart - Thorn In My Side ...

Path. Before his ransom was paid by her mother and he was releases, he has been

Introduced to hard drugs, and he has been undergoing dangerous trainings with the gang

Members which has made his heart to be knitted with the group. The last operation that was

Carried out by the group, he was the one who has been left behind to monitor the gang’s

Quarters by the new leader that has emerged. When he was released, he also decided to form

A dangerous band within the island, which continues to terrorize the people, and they also

Steal people’s properties to keep themselves going. His report has been taken to his

Father who has told him that he needs to change because if he is arrested he will not mediate

On his case. He replied his father that it was because of him that he has joined bad gang

Because he is mean and does not take care of them as a man ought to be taken care of

His family. After saying this to his father, his father has to expel him from his house and he

Also changed the means of operation wherever he and his gang went to operating, they will

Leave a logo behind stating that they were from the magistrate of the island. The man got

To know this and could not withstand the shame that his son has brought on him, he thence

Had to resign as the magistrate of the island. After he resigned, his wife divorced him telling

Him to go and marry his career. His children also left him alone and the young man

Relocated from that island to another with his gang members and they continued to terrorize

The members of the community. As he was left alone, he made attempt at getting new spouse

To be married to but none within the island wants to give him their daughter to be

Married to. His life became a shadow of itself. He later developed sickness from the

Psychological trauma that he is passing through and he was found to be dead in his apartment.


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