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A Thin Film In Between


There is an old saying - health is wealth. The essence of this saying is that we can enjoy life only when our health is in good condition and our body is in a good shape. A healthy person can work, play, travel, track, hike, swim, and carry out many other myriad activities in one's life. Without good health, all the avenues for activities are closed for us. We can only watch them happening but we can't participate in them. That is a miserable situation but the questions that come to our minds are - is health in our hands? Can we maintain our health by resorting to a good lifestyle? These questions arise because we often observe that even a very healthy person suddenly gets ill and in no time is changed into a heap of blood and flesh. Why does it happen?

Sometimes the transition from a good health situation to a bad one takes place so rapidly that one knows it only when one falls seriously ill. Then many of us start analyzing where we went wrong in our routine and whether did some mistake of going out in a cold or hot or polluted environment. We can always find an approximate reason for falling ill but the fact is that it could be a wrong deduction many times because the actual reason is not understood in the majority of cases.

There are no magic potions or magic tricks for making one's life healthy and at the most one can simply resort to a good lifestyle and healthy foods along with a routine of exercises and hope that it would keep the person fit and healthy. Still, there are many things yet to understand and we must realize that there is a thin membrane between good and bad health and we do not know when that would break away.

This poem is a reflection of all these thoughts and though the subject is quite difficult and beyond the realm of materialistic thinking, I have tried to present it in the most simple and understandable language possible.

A thin film in between

Some people have good health,

while some do not have.

Reasons are unknown,

some say we are destiny's slave.

Heredity is one factor,

bringing up is another.

But still, there are differences,

Which are to be probed further.

A person born healthy,

May remain healthy till his death.

While a child born diseased,

struggles for minimal breath.

A rich person is not able to buy,

Good health with all the money.

While the poor are enjoying it,

With all their ways funny.

Good health might be,

A matter of good luck and chance.

Still, most of us try to maintain it,

Through our lifestyle plans.

Good health and bad health,

Are sitting near to each other.

There is a thin membrane between them,

Ready to break and flutter.

One can only wish,

To keep one's health in a good way.

Rest is not in our hands,

As it is destiny's play.

Keeping fit

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Umesh Chandra Bhatt