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A Telephone Call


A disco sound I heard every morning in your time slot

A jolly music that woke up me even I felt tired to get up

I feel like you're my vitamins everyday

Oh! what is happening to me?

One day my friend of mine introduced you to me, your friend too?

I'm so excite, I always call to request my favorite song in your morning slot

One time I could not hear your voice in your schedule I wondered why?

On top of the hour other DJ do an ad-lib, where are you? I ask myself.

I continue listen on your radio from sign on up to sign off

Then I catch you in my ears fifteen minutes before midnight

Do an ad-lib to introduce your last song to play

I can't sleep until you say goodbye and goodnight

I continued listen your radio show until next day same time same station

Sad, I never heard any single ad-lib only music, commercial and station break

I felt sorry but I said "there will be tomorrow or next day"

I'm waiting for many days but no more, I told myself who I am looking for?

During the time no mobile phone for text, only beeper and landline phone

If far, you may pay for long distance call that is the way of communications before

I never dare to used it, because it's so expensive to the pocket

That's the communications before so different

One time one ring from a telephone I received

When I heard the voice it's so familiar and he said

Can we meet in your lunch break? I answered yes immediately

Finally, we met again only in one ring you make me feel happy...

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