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A Taste of Freedom

After a long period of longing for her freedom she got it and she is happy

Freedom at Last

Peeping through the window

Of her car she smiled

After a long period of suffering

And pain

Remembering everything that

Happened even though it

Caused her pain at least

Now she got her freedom

She doesn't regret what happened,

Her life had been a jungle

That which was with no end

A feeble man would definitely

Give up on life or even

Commit suicide

But her resilience kept her going

Without looking back

She fought a tough battle

Which she thought she couldn't

Now all seems a breakthrough

Life is now a chain broken free

From all that burdened her

All that seemed hard is now


All that seemed impossible now


She now wears a crown of victory

Over her misfortunes and fortunes

For now she defines her lifestyle and

She owes no one explanations

Because she believes in what she stands for

And knows her purpose in life.

She now understand that marriage

Is not a bed of roses, neither is it

Something to rush into.

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