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A Talk to God

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.


God, tell me what you want from me

Lately, life has been out for me

These bad dreams been haunting me

Ghosts from my past

They’ve come for me

I guess misery requires company

Done are these happy days

Where I would just wish away

About a future where I could say

My writings are on display

And millions of people had laid

Their eyes on them and have changed

Their perspective and how they live

All of that is what I wish to give

But sadly that seems beyond my reach

The words of hope I always preach

Have fallen to deaf ears

Cause I’ve been leeched

Of all of my creativity

By this hellish society

Who happily took the liberty

Of sapping me of my liberty

To think and do as I please

But rather

I am being squeezed

To the last of my “worth”

For they don’t care about this verse

But the amount of hours I can work

At this dead end job

Being a cog

In a system I despise

God, can’t You hear my cries

Why oh why

Do I even try

To fight

My dreams

Out of sight

Thoughts too dark

God, bring the light

Bring something

To assist my plight

Back to the top

This grind I cannot stop

My writings will one day pop


I know it

You know it

Because it’s all apart of Your plan


You’re supposedly the Man


You’re supposed to have my back


But happiness is the one thing I lack


I add

Big Man Above the Clouds

This constant suffering should not be allowed

For me, or any of us

This is tragic

Am I really supposed to sit back and watch the magic


Do what I’m told

By You

Repent at the end

And land

In the Garden

That’s the bargain?

Well, I’ll pass

Cause I’m going to nirvana

Not some wannabe


Which is ran by a Force who couldn’t give a damn about me


Where were You when I needed a sign

Where were You during my darkest times

Where were You when I lost my mind

And I couldn’t find

My way out of the dark

Why does my arm have these marks

And I’m not talking about my tats

When my fears and depression was at its max

What did You do?

Just reclined and relaxed?

Matter of fact

What exactly

Have You done for me


And yeah

Who am I

Questioning You

But You’re the one who made me with trust issues

So don’t play me like a lame

I can no longer entertain

You’ve brought me all of this pain

These problems

You’re to blame

My anger has been inflamed

My hatred can not be tamed

This relationship I am through

That’s right

I Hate You

But after all of this

I still capitalize Your name.

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