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A System


The complexity of the process of thought

The seconds we hold onto

for absolute dear life

Collecting them in hoards

Stacked high between our ears

Built up headache inducing pressure

steaming from a burdened mind

Cursing itself over details that ferment inside insecurity

A perplexed debate coursing years past relevance

Shivering our spines into a reserved obedience

Hunched by the eternal cascading coronet

Bejeweled to bastardize the purpose of height

Even still the weight is embraced

For time was spent conscious of the shines reflection

Voices mocking every hesitant second

While the adjournment has us shortened

Our sense of self relapsed with our judgment

Taste the words that flow from trained lips

Then recount any minuscule instant of bliss

© 2020 Carlie Smith

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