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A Sweet Trace That Forever Stays

A Sweet Trace That Forever Stays

Thinking about the pain,

Makes me drain.

There is no perspire,

Yet I am tired.

I appear off colour

I lose my energy and fervour.

Pain takes it all,

Whenever the pain is recalled.

Interest and zest one loses,

And deeper gets the bruises

Even a little,

Can make us brittle.

Love and positivity one needs,

Sown should be it's seeds.

For positive thoughts to grow,

And to heal the sorrow.

To redeem,

To make yesterday a forgotten dream.

To get back your lost mission,

To see the world from the divines vision.

Life once gruesome,

Would turn awesome.

Soon the dry tears would no longer fall and meet the ground.

As spring called positivity would be found.

Fade would become the tears.

Positive and pleasant would get the atmosphere.


Everlasting Fragrance

Everlasting Fragrance

Be where the flower grows,

Smell the beautiful rose.

Make its sweet smell,

In your subconscious always dwell.

There they will make a permanent place,

Always present will be their trace.

In your inner mind they will forever freeze,

They will always pop in your mind with ease.

They would be frequent.

And thus even when the smell turns unpleasant,

The fragrance would sustain.

And in it, vanish would get the pain.

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