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A Sweet Snack to Keep Me Going

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I Made A Dish Full

Two different kinds of cookies

One oatmeal and the other chocolate chip

A small soft chocolate candy

It melts slowly in my mouth

Three little chocolate covered rectangular coconut pieces

Chewy and quite delicious

I crave for more

This gave me a beautiful fix

Off to do some house cleaning

Riding on a sugar high

My wife reminds me it is getting late

I thought you were going to clean?

I already started

I cleaned out the car

All the odds and ends that have to go somewhere

I must of had a dozen bottles of water in the back seat

All frozen and brought in the house to defrost

Off to do some laundry

Then putting away last of the Christmas decorations

I get all excited when I put them up

When I take them down

I get sad and blue

I think another Christmas is past

I know the further I delay

I found a way

To make them last

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