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A Sweet Fragrance


There is a sweet fragrance

A pleasant sweet smell

It is a sweet fragrance

Called repentance,

It has come to cleanse my soul

To continue to make me whole

It is the sweet fragrance

It’s called repentance,

There is a sweet, sweet, presence

I know that it is the presence of repentance

Keeping me company, never leaving me alone,

Explaining the further work of the redemption song,

I will allow it to sweep through my being,

Until I am and become the change I am seeing

The sweet and refreshing perfume

By name, it is repentance,

As Febreze would be to a room,

Repentance cleanses the air of doom,

Such a gentle merciful gift

I call it repentance,

The key I found within me,

It is designed only to set me free,

When I use the key for what it is purposed for

To daily be purged of sins and iniquities,

Oh, how sin hides and it lurks,

I have discovered that only repentance works,

To fight off what can weaken me

Like kryptonite, unrepentance will not set free,

I am glad the prophets came, and

To me, repentance did proclaim,

Not to make me, just to be a hearer only,

But, now a doer of the first work,

If a doer, and not be a forgetful hearer,

Repent! Why? Because the universe, the world, and

The earth are all at hand,

In you lies your own reality to respond,

In me lies my own ideal discovery

Of what it means to me

To comply with this great command,

And forsake it not.

I repent Creator!

Honorable Creator,

Being a stewardess in this great place that only your magnificence validates, and qualifies; I bow my life, my being and becoming, and I repent because of Your goodness in creating and providing, everything that pertains to life, and assisting in understanding the grief and sorrow of death.

Anything and everything accessible here in time, I repent to believe and receive, I repent of each and every offence, sin, transgressions, trespasses, iniquities in and through my intentions, motives, desires, thoughts, deeds, words, imaginations I have committed and omitted since I have occupied space and time through this my lifespan every second of the day and night, things that I perceive and believe are things one must make personal atonement because of the positioning of the body in a sin diseased world. In repentance lies, in addition, the undertones of sorrow to all who I have offended at one time or another in my journey, some I may never speak to or see again, but there is sorrow present for all wrong done, spoken, felt, intended or interpreted as harm, when not meant.

I ask that you would continuously and progressively grant me the ability to examine and judge myself, not to be found living an unexamined life which does not befit worth, allow me to reign in repentant truth, proven because the fire repentance is will burn up the dross.

Because that is what my conscience is designed to do, “judge” and that I be the possessor of the honesty and integrity that it takes to repent of every wrong thing and not be willing to excuse any wrong words, morals, or behaviors overlooked in my own past experiences which remain marked for repentance, so that nothing can or will remain offensive to You and when offense occurs that I will turn it over to the spirit of repentance for further and richer internal cleansing.

Thank You and Praise You

For who You are “The Creator” and not the creature

Which the only thing I can offer or give You is my own repentance, thanks, and praises

Apart from that, I have nothing to truly give to You for all that You have given to me.

I am a Repentant Woman


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