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A Sweet For My Sweetheart

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You Make Me Smile

The list goes on and on

We have spent so much time together

This is where happiness begins

We continue to grow as a couple

Sharing so many good times and making new memories

What else can this man say

I love you more every day

We have had our sad times and difficulties

They slowly get ironed out

We know as long as we work together

There is nothing we can not do

There are so many cards on the shelf

That express in so many words

What lovers think

They are all beautiful and so pretty

I am here at your side

So glad you are my greatest friend and my wife

Today is Valentine's Day

We will probably stay low key

Sleep late

Maybe breakfast in bed

Take an afternoon drive

Go out to eat

Who knows maybe at Wendy's

I am so proud

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life

Sharing all the things we both enjoy

Filled with love and surprises

You finished the liscence plate puzzle without me?

How could you?

Really I am so glad you did

I was losing my mind

My eyes couldn't look at one more number

Love has been felt in so many ways

Sometimes the simplest covers them all

I love you

I am giving you a fifteen minute head start

When I catch you

Then the hearts will fly

So high up above our heads

I hope we don't interfere with the planes in the sky

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