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A Streak of a Pale Blue Car

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Despite a rather toned down existence in recent months

Always seemed to be in a state of perpetual motion or thinking

Staying completely still allowed the past to come creeping back in

Cannot slip back into repeatedly flawed patterns or bad habits

Time to break those once and for all in order to make next move

The ultimate game of Chess if there ever was any in existence

One step forward and a half a step backwards

The nature of progress and healing in order to move on

Repairing oneself was never an easy or linear process

Or so that has been drilled upon repeatedly by other people

An annoyingly true piece of realistic advice as it turns out

Haven't folded at all from this latest mini detour

Just a little bit of rubbernecking before getting back to the trip

The task at hand before continuing on my merry way

Taking a leisurely Sunday drive along a back road

Suddenly a shiny and bright flash whizzed by my left eye

Took a second for it to register what it was

Realized that it was a very distinct sky blue early model sedan

One that took me back to the last car my former flame drove

Over the course of our two year run found them in multiple versions

Of the same tired scenario: a clunker on the way to the junkyard

Represented the fact that they were never stable enough

For anything with any amount of reliability to be had

That idea was just a hustle perpetuated to be the scam going

In reality, just a random car that could have been driven by anybody

An ordinary generic model seen on the road by John and Jane Doe

Behind the wheel going to where the day wanted to take them

Nothing extraordinary about that or anything to analyze

Working to take the stigma out of things that caused potential flashbacks

Served no purpose; simply didn't matter anymore anyways

That chapter was already written and locked up in the vault

Buried away under mothballs and obscurity

Time to keep it there for good and write the next one

Will be a better story all around in the end.

A flash of something that could be more or less that what it was.

A flash of something that could be more or less that what it was.