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A Strange Occurrence Or Just Me Being Extra

Emee.chan admits she can be a little dramatic at times, but not over the top.



Your tall and svelte figure
Towers over my 5'4" form,
Making me crane my neck
To look at you.

You're not aware of it, but
That one time we ran into each other,
As you drew closer to where I stood,
Something unusual happened to me.

I could've sworn I was able to see it.
I had a feeling of being enveloped
In your presence, or was it your energy?
Like a cloak is being pulled over me.

It wasn't anything bad or harmful,
If I'm being honest it sent pleasant
Tingles down my spine.
It resembled being wrapped in a hug.

Years passed since that short meeting,
Yet I'm still unable to comprehend
The what's or why's of it happening.
I question my own sanity.

We are mere acquaintances and
Nothing more than that.
There were no other emotions involved,
At least on your part.

I know what I sensed in that instance,
I remember my surprise,
My inner being as confused as I was.
I remember your smile, your shiny
Black eyes behind your glasses.

I also remember some other emotion
That I can't identify,
Much less describe.
That scene replays in my head
From time to time.

I always had muddled thoughts
And even more puzzling feelings
When it came to you, but that's
Nor here nor there, considering that
Our paths don't cross anymore.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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