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A Strange Girl

Mohit jha has a keen interest in all aspects of poetry and writes extensively on the subject. His poems are published online and in prints.

A Strange Girl

Yesterday evening she got me on the way,

She was somewhat stupid, as if she was unknown to people

There was wetness in the corner of her eyes,

There must be some pain that was coming from the eyes instead of her lips,

She was sitting in the corner, just staring at the paths,

But what was she looking for?

What was the lacking, that guarded her face?

Don't know about the pain, that nailed down her heart,

Then her voice is heard a little,

May be saying something to someone on the phone,

Suddenly, tears broke her patience and her eyes spilled,

As soon as the tears came out,

her eyes seemed bottomless,

I didn't have the courage to look upon,

Leaving her engaged in those tears,

I came forward,

But don't know,

why the sadness of her face is also hurting my heart…

© 2020 Mohit Jha