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A Story of My Life

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It’s no more different from any other story,

Where the protagonist longs for the glory,

Even in the adversities, eagers to be merry,

Here I’m to narrate the history from her diary.

The first page she had left blank in confusion

Thinking whether to disclose or hide her derision,

Finally took the decision to conceal but mention

As it would have created more pain than relaxation.

She started to state the rest with sheer conviction

Gathering every readers’ and listeners’ attention.

‘A Lost Identity’ was at the top as her introduction

From where she starts to share her perception.

“I believed I was the best, blessed with everything

That’s required for any girl for a luxurious living,

Being the eldest I’d got almost all the privilege

In the joint family with some sort of royal heritage.

Aspiring to be at pinnacle passing all the obstacles,

I considered that all my dreams would become real,

As I contemplated myself as some gifted child special

Associating every authenticity with vague virtual.

Neither my parents nor teachers could tame me

And I emerged out as a revolutionary individual

Seeking spiritualism in various sorts of associations,

I lost faith in the Almighty and His beloved humans.

It was not just because of any particular situation

But the cause was nothing but lack of motivation

That even provoked me to reach for the salvation

Without even fulfilling what was in my authorization.

How indigent I had been that I couldn’t even see

Or listen to the reality that was so close to me!

Everything that I was searching out was within me,

The soul’s power that always guided me for free.

Today I can claim with the. exhausted agitation

Along with my inner self filled with consideration,

Anyone like me can change the prepared destination

With a ray enlightened with experienced inspiration.”

She ended her story with this positive connotation,

As her purpose was solely to be a solid motivation,

For the ones like her in the early days of tribulation,

Who give up easily, scared of the unsought solution.

Though I’ve seen her growing into a matured one

From the naive, ignorant girl to an exemplary woman,

I know very well that within her there’s still a lot hidden

She just needs to unfold more to let her buds open.

© 2022 Anupam Mitu

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