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A Story of Impossibility

Raizen is a high school student with numerous awards relating to poetry and literature as well as a literary writer for the journalism club.

Have you ever heard of a person falling for a star?
I don't think I could blame them. It shines so bright.
Lighting up the darkest of the night. A dazzling light
A glowing feeling; majestic and pure. Warm without end.
It's stunning. I bet the star never felt the darkness around it.
How could it? When it was glimmering so brilliantly, far, far into the night sky.

Far. Huh. The star was far. It was beautiful, yet so distant.
Did it know that? Did the person know that?
What a silly question. Why would a star need to know that?
That a person, so madly and deeply has fallen for it, is far away?
What did it care? The star didn't need a person, did it?
It already shimmered as purely as it is. It was a star.

And this was the thoughts of a person. A person falling for a star.
A person that was just that. A speck. a blip in a vast sea of life.
It mattered not who this person was. Nor how deep its admiration.
The star probably had something better to shine for.
Even if the person calls out for the star, it would not hear it.
For this person, a mere mortal could never become so close to a star.

But a person, so knowingly hopeless to be noticed by one such far above,
Can still dream. Dream of a reality where they could be.
Can still sing. Sing of the star's worth and stunning beauty.
Can still dance. Dance under the warmth of it's love's glow.
Can still hope. Hope that one day, a star could see a person.
And shaking with newfound realization. I have become that person.

© 2022 Raizen Richard Sanchez

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