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A Story Other People Steal

I’m gonna’ make it all the way
All my time is going to be spent
In my element, there is no rival
Only who knows where I went

I made room for me to separate
A place for rage another for calm
In the middle a candle lit woman
Will she require right or wrong?

But I’m not tempted by all that
On the left, time passed fantasy
Everybody wants something
I will give I would do for free

Putting a pen now to the paper
No lead anymore for me to erase
Decisions have become permanent
Mistakes will now live on my face

You see the lines of my living
Trace your fingers on the etchings
Live inside every soft valley
Carved by wisdom’s aging

Judge a man any way you want
Where you come from is real
But I didn’t live it the same as you
Truth is a story other people steal


Perspycacious on January 30, 2021:

I like the flow of this and the conclusion: "I didn't live it the same as you." Amen to that observation.

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