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A Story Never Written (Keto: the Beginning)

John is a freelance writer, ghost-writer, storyteller, and poet. He always tries to include a message or social commentary in his writing

The Tundra

The Tundra

A Story Never Written

There is a famous story

Passed down from ancient times

About a man who could not see,

But was a brilliant mime.

He grew up in the Tundra,

In a home that had no walls.

His smell and hearing were acute,

He knew all the creatures’ calls.

He could imitate the movements

Of beasts he’d never seen,

And amazed the people of his clan

By interpreting their dreams.

This man could walk, and run, and hunt

The way sighted people can,

And was famous as a prophet

For he could read the thoughts of man.

His tribe were fearsome warriors

But he was a man of peace,

And his timely moderation

Often caused a war to cease.

Though his strength was without question,

He could paddle a canoe,

Or throw a spear 100 yards,

And do the work of two.

He also was a healer

Who could cure a stricken child,

And even resurrect the dead

With just a touch and smile.

This man was known as Keto

And his fame it quickly spread,

How one who had no vision

Could raise people from the dead.

He could sense the start of seasons,

Predict when snow would fall,

Knew when to plant the summer crop

As the rain came at his call.


People traveled many miles

Braving heat or snow,

To seek advice or healing

From the fabled seer, Keto.

Asking nothing for his service,

No payment or regress,

Except for one humble demand,

“Help another in distress!”

No history books record his name,

And often written words are wrong.

But his story passed down verbally,

And through drawings, dance, and song.

Do you believe this story

Of the blind seer called Keto?

Then this fiction poem has done its job,

And home my pen can go.

Author's Admission

Sometimes I write a fictitious piece of poetry or short story and my readers mistakenly think that it was about a real situation or a past experience of mine when in fact it was totally a figment of my mind. I know this is a complement to a writer but when this happens I feel a little guilty .. As though I have lied to my reader.

That said, if you read this poem thinking that Keto was in fact a real historical figure or folk hero and that his story was true, then I apologise for the deception. He is totally fictitious, though based on a number of other historical characters. Thanks for reading though.

© 2017 John Hansen

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