A Spoiled Little Brat: A Poetic Satirical Metaphor

Updated on May 28, 2018
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Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

It's about a little spoiled brat

no need to mention her name

to all mousy kids she was a cat

playing a cop was her pet game.

You may compare her to a country if you wish

or even to one of her far but closest friends

but definitely someone to keep on a leash

to bring their aggressiveness to an end.

Sticking her big nose in everyone's affairs

but playing threatened by all of them around

so if they took her beating the fault was theirs

while she made sure the truth was not to be found.

She lied to her folks who were so easy to fool

whole family being of same righteous kind

everyone acting sophisticated and cool

proud in their hearts, shrewd in mind.

In those many blocks surrounding

all talked whether in secret or aloud

the brat was overdue for a grounding

forced to stay home away from a crowd.

Well, sorry but there is no happy ending

for, that little spoiled brat is still at large

it's the rules' fault they can take bending

but no need to buy it---it's free of charge.


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    • threekeys profile image


      2 months ago from Australia


    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 months ago from Canada

      Threekeys---Think again, and this time let me help you a little.

      The poem was announced as a "poetic satirical metaphor". So, let me first explain to you what a "metaphor" is. It's a literary replacement of one thing with another while attributing to it the same qualities.

      When you read the poem, you just couldn't miss the place where I said: "You can compare her to a country if you wish...."

      Are you slowly getting to it now? I was not depicting any "person" at all, because the little spoiled brat was a metaphor for America, "playing a cop...sticking its big nose into everybody's affairs..." etc.

      And by the way, I am not writing all this to "regain my credibility" in your eyes, quite frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn---but, since you are commenting on people's hubs here, educate yourself first about some literary terms, like "metaphor", and "satire".

      I certainly love American people, but I don't think much of their government, or anybody's government for that matter---and then I express it in my satirical work.

      No matter how all this may sound to you, I wish you all the best, and happy hubbing.

    • threekeys profile image


      2 months ago from Australia

      For me you have blown your credibility.

      You have revealed yourself to be a carrier of chinese whispers.

      With democracy I must remind myself the tender and the ascerbic are given the right to free speech.

      If you know this person, has the person done anything to you to warrant a castration and spread of venom. Fight fair and give this person you have alluded to as being a despicable "spoiled brat" and listen to the facts there and her perspective.

      Then again when even our justice system appears to protect the criminal I cannot expect you a lay person to be fair or reasonable either towards this person who is presumed to be "guilty".

      By the way what is the crime committed?


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