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A Spoiled Brat: A Poetic Political Metaphor

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


Among the privileges of being a superpower the right and the ability to make a local quarrel into a global one ranks very high.

-- Christopher Hitchens

It's about a little spoiled brat

no need to mention her name

to all mousy kids she was a cat

playing a cop was her pet game.

You may compare her to a country if you wish

or even to one quite far, but a closest friend

but definitely someone to keep on a leash

to bring her aggressiveness to its end.

Sticking her big nose in everybody's affairs

but playing threatened by all of them around

so if they took her beating the fault was theirs

while she made sure the truth is not to be found.

She lies to her folks who are so easy to fool

whole family being of same righteous kind

everyone acting sophisticated and cool

proud in their hearts, shrewd in mind.

In those many blocks surrounding

all talked whether in secret or aloud

the brat was overdue for a grounding

forced to stay home, away from crowd.

Well, sorry -- there is no happy ending

for, that little spoiled brat is still at large

it's the rules' fault they can take bending

but no need to buy it -- it's free of charge.

© 2022 Val Karas