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A Spiritual Preference - A Poem on Personal Beliefs

This poem is a completely personal sense of choice and beliefs. It has no intention to hurt any religious sentiment. I have no qualms against the devout. I simply share different ideologies and this is an expression of just that.

I hope that some readers may be able to relate to what I have tried to express.


I am not religious

My God and Devil are within

Standing tall both of them

To calculate from their mean.

I saw a show once

Where an angel and demon were friends

They fought to keep the world straight

And avoid an apocalypse

That seemed to be the trend.

I do not join hands to pray

But I believe in what’s right

To cry and laugh at the same time

When Heaven and Hell act on their might.

Rather uncanny they find me

Cause I don’t bow my head

Idols and fancy don’t touch me

The way it does to steer life ahead.


When the mountain breeze brushes by

And the shining falls gush through

The colours of nature beckon me

To create a divine destiny.

Challenges and dilemma

They come and go like waves

For analysis and selection

I muddle my head and rave.

But my decision alone it is

To do the Good and Bad

Not a deity nor a prayer

But a will in halo clad.

So for conclusion I’d like to say

It’s all that is in a seed

A trickle effect of right or wrong

That dictates the life I lead.

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra