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A Spirit Filled Excursion

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Take time to slip away from life's rush to visit a country winery and just drift away into a mellow day.

Some of my long time friends would

have been amused at my decision

to go way out into the country to

visit an old church. But little did they know

that this particular house of worship

had been converted by age old spirits

who now occupied its sanctuary. I

have heard of people being converted

and cars being reconfigured but this

whole building had become an

almighty fine winery in one of

the most charming settings

I have ever enjoyed. Acres and acres

of grapevines laden with the next

harvest of mellow juice that sets

folks to just relaxing, laughing and

talking 3 times louder than normal.

One old man is snoring away in

the corner adding his buzz saw

sonombulance to all of the wine

induced buzzes among the patrons

ofthis isolated paradise. Some

one had the brainstorm to move

this house of God from

Shaylersville, Ohio to its present

almost unreal estate. The quiet

here is so loud that one can

almost hear thevines creaking

from the weight of the fruit they

bear. I took a walk through a

few rows of thier massive vineyard

and was impressed by how

well cleared and level

it was between each row.

Some dedicated gardeners had

created a wonderful pun by

being able to spend thier days

"Weeding between the

vines." "Groan." This lovely

establishment just east of

Bumfiddle, O-high-o where we

all were so high oh, is called

the South River Winery although

the only river Isaw was a river

of people all lined up to get

thier selected libations. It

was such a happy crowd that

seemed to grow sillier after

each trip for more.

They offered up a delectable

stellar, cellar selection of

merlots dryer than a Vegas

desert and so paletteable.

Plus ice wines in a blush

color that were sweeter than

anyone's first kiss. You could

also enjoy a lovely, gardened

chardonnay day. If you had

a taste for more they sold

pinot Grigio to blur and or

send you on a vacation

of your senses. All patrons

are allowed to bring thier own

food to go with their wine

tasting or imbibing. But they

also served some cheeses

and breads for a fee. I brought

some veggie pizza, some

vegetables with veggie and garlic

dips with various crackers and

a delicious group of cheeses

as well as some large, chilled

shrimp with cocktail sauce

and a summer sausage. We

spent over five hours their

basking in the sun, cooling

down in the shade and we

all felt as if we had been

transported to some old

world village in Italy. It made

for a very relaxing day after

a week of the same old,

same old, hectic rat race

of life. I reestablished my

faith in the practice of

worshipping some of the

Nectar of the gods.

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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