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A Spell Upon My Pen: Why Am I a Freelance Writer?

John is a poet, creative, and freelance writer who also foundered a multi-author website with a group of his peers.


A Spell Upon My Pen: Why am I a Freelance Writer?

Here I am, my pen in hand,

Writing random words.

Where it leads, let's see shall we,

Or toss it to the birds.

Today I checked my email

And much to my surprise,

A project I've been working on

Was suddenly declined.

A writing gig, almost complete

Deadline two weeks to go,

Was cancelled saying it was late.

But why? I do not know.

I can't contact the buyer

For reasons most unclear.

it says they aren't available.

My face it forms a sneer.

Freelance writing can be good,

But problems can be fraught.

If you are not paid in advance

Your efforts count for nought.

This was a series of ten poems

Of which I'd finished eight.

The hours I'd spent now wasted,

A scenario I hate.


Unfortunately, this work

Was very client specific.

It's doubtful I can use these poems

For another demographic.

This project was quite lucrative

If it had come to pass.

For me, a lesson has been learned

Don't put the cow before the grass.

So, although I started with no plan

My path came clear again,

A situation troubling me

Put a spell upon my pen.


© 2018 John Hansen

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