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A Spell Upon My Pen: Why Am I a Freelance Writer?

John is a poet, creative, and freelance writer who also foundered a multi-author website with a group of his peers.


A Spell Upon My Pen: Why am I a Freelance Writer?

Here I am, my pen in hand,

Writing random words.

Where it leads, let's see shall we,

Or toss it to the birds.

Today I checked my email

And much to my surprise,

A project I've been working on

Was suddenly declined.

A writing gig, almost complete

Deadline two weeks to go,

Was cancelled saying it was late.

But why? I do not know.

I can't contact the buyer

For reasons most unclear.

It says they aren't available.

My face it forms a sneer.

Freelance writing can be good,

But problems can be fraught.

If you are not paid in advance

Your efforts count for naught.

This was a series of ten poems

Of which I'd finished eight.

The hours I'd spent now wasted,

A scenario I hate.


Unfortunately, this work

Was very client specific.

It's doubtful I can use these poems

For another demographic.

This project was quite lucrative

If it had come to pass.

For me, a lesson has been learned

Don't put the cow before the grass.

So, although I started with no plan

My path came clear again,

A situation troubling me

Put a spell upon my pen.

Carefully, I scanned the words

Of these poems that I had wrote,

Then put my magic pen to work

Making changes, taking notes.

Each piece transformed before my eyes,

Now much better than before.

What I thought of as a curse

Had opened a new door.

I’ll use these as a book of poems,

Or publish them on-line.

My writing was not wasted,

It just was not the time.

The spell upon my pen won’t stop,

Now I’m writing more and more.

My muse has been inspired afresh.

No more it is a chore.

And so I thank that client

Who disappeared without a trace.

You gave me a new perspective,

Not just egg upon my face.


© 2018 John Hansen