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A Speed Demon's Ultimate Track Time Dilemma

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Suddenly locked in the I-95's version of a carpool lane

Unable to get past 55 mph no matter what efforts tried

Frustrated that Dodge Minivan acted completely carefree

As if they were on a one lane county road going to a B&B

Not a major highway full of ticked off and overly caffeinated drivers

Hard to understand why certain drivers of life have no urgency

Just in total cruise control on and off the road

Landed in an even greater mud pit where everyone sat around

Watching the pretty birds and cuddly animals through the window

Being oblivious to the sadness that lurks just beneath the thin smile

Human equivalent of a Corvette in peak fire engine red condition

Stuck in a neon green Yugo purgatory of my own making

Surrounded by a sea of rust buckets no one wanted

That couldn't get out of the garage half of the time

Sputtering and coughing before it got to the end of the block

Jalopies completely retired inside the ultimate junkyard

Pretending it's Club Med or a Sandals Resort vacation

Not the end of the assembly line

No more road trips to take with the gang

Mocked by this band of merry rejects with the laissez-faire nature

For having places to go and no ability to get there

Forced to stay in this state of flux due to a body on cinderblocks

Tires slashed by the neighborhood Dennis the Menace

Type who runs with scissors cutting holes in all of the parade floats

Exterior corroding from too much inertia

No additional mileage on the odometer to show for

Becoming like the rest of the jelly beaned medicated multitudes

Wagging their tails with fake contentment

Transformed into another Yugo wrecker on the useless car lot

Ironically, the Corvette engine placed inside an inferior frame

No mechanic willing to play with the newly changed undercarriage

But eager to fiddle with the fine craftsmanship of the engine

Want to study how the superior brain can still work

When the frame withered and faded into the background

A mystery not even Mystery Inc. can solve without Scooby Snacks

Or a much higher paycheck

Whichever they choose first.

A model of personal inspiration.

A model of personal inspiration.