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A Special Day For All The Moms In The World

I Know I Would Be Lost Without Help From My Mom

She always made me smile

There wasn't a time she wouldn't make my toughest days a little bit brighter

Even though it's going on ten years without her

i will treasure so many memories

She always told me how she felt

If I liked it or not

We had our little spats

The good times and great times were incredible

Sometimes just knowing she was there

It's funny how it's hard to pick one special time

They fly into my head on any day

Just when I am doing something

I hear my moms voice

It is if she has never left

Her laugh and her words of wisdom

Thank you mom for all your help

I appreciate and hold you dear to me

I hope other sons and daughters take time to recognize

A simple shout out

A phone call and a hi is a good start

From there see where it goes

You make it special

By remembering her

Mothers are so use to giving

We could all learn a lot

One of the two most important people in the world

My mother use to say it takes two to Tango

She also said men couldn't do what women do

You try carrying a baby for nine months

It was not easy but she wouldn't of changed it for the world

© 2022 DREAM ON

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