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A Song - Your Real Friend

Talents of many a one have been killed and buried in our land, because they do not have wherewithal to showcase such to the world...


Composer's Foreword

One of the commonest sayings all over the world is that "a friend in need is a friend indeed".

Many people profess to be our friend when things are rosy with us, when we are having everything easily, but immediately the tide of things changed for us and we started passing through trials, problems,on earth, those people will back out, albeit systematically. They will not want to be associated with is again. Some will even start mocking us, saying unprintable words about us.

While passing through such ordeals, we shall discover that there will be at least one person out of all the people we call our friends who will stay back. It is the person who stays back to support us, comfort us who are indeed our friends.

If we have not experienced such it means we should not totally rely on all those we are calling our friends now to be real friends who we can depend on.

Thinking about the word friend, I have put into song some words to show who a friend is, to talk to one or more people who have been let down by friends or being let down at the moment to know that yheh are now at the point of knowing who and who are their real friends that they can depend on.

The link for the tune has been shared here for the benefit of all humans.

Thank you.

Composed Song


A friend indeed

Sticks closer while in trouble

Such a friend is very rare

To find even on earth



Many who profess

Today that they are your friends

They 've remained your friend

'Cause of what they 're gaining



But when trouble comes

Problems and upheavals to you

All those supposed friends

You 'll look for and you 'all not find



Litmus tests for good friendships

Surely come when passing through trials

For it is during this period

That many people 'll leave you



But out of all friends you have

One or few will stick to you

Those who stayed by you at this point

They 're indeed your special friend



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