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A Song: You Are A Darling

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Love is inspiring especially when one finds the right partner one will enjoy life and love and if will seem as heaven on earth. On another note, if one doesn't get an understanding nor the right partner, one would be a dead living on earth wishing for death rather than being alive.

It's a song composed about a person who has lost all, never dreaming of finding any good thing in life, especially love, but he finds it and expresses his feelings in this short composition.

Thank you.

Composed Song

Stanza 1

I was without clothes

Nakedly walking around

You came unto me

Cuddling and Embracing me

My Lover


When I was no one…

Stanza 2

Shame has covered me

For having no where to turn

You 've drawn near to me

Pulling me 'nto your closet

You are my pride


When I was no one…

Stanza 3

You have helped me love

Stretched your hand to me in love

To get back on my feet

Making waves among my peers

You are a darling


When I was no one…

Stanza 4

You have been my joy

Rem'mbering you make me happy

Leaping up for joy

'Cause of your overwhelming love

You are my pride


When I was no one…

Stanza 5

Your glory is mine

Wonderful friend and confidant

Your warmth makes me warm

My first and only Lover

I love you


When I was no one…

(The End)


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