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A Song: We Have Melted Into One

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



A Lover reminiscing on the past decides to pen this words down which he modified into song for his special friend, the person in his heart, to let her know how valuable she has been in his heart, how he has placed her at the apex of his heart….

Composed Song

1) When I was cold you warmed me up

When without shoes you gave me yours'

When forsaken you cared for me

You 've shown me a rare love

2) When I was hated you cherished me

When abandoned, you sought me out

When deserted, you defended me

You are my shelter, my darling

3) When I was sad, you make me Happy

When in distress, you comfort me

When I can't eat you are feeding me

Your kiss satisfies me

4) When I was hopeless you are my hope

When I lost all, you 're my everything

When I was blind you are my sight.

My beauty and my pride

5) We 'll go to the ends of the earth

All alone, two of us t'gether

Enjoying each moment

'Cause we have melted into one

6) When I was weak you are my strength

When I was naked you covered me

When I was lonely, you are my joy,

Oh darling you are special

(The End)


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