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A Song: Open Your Heart to Love

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Composer's Foreword

I do not know tonic solfa, but I have made use of the recent technological advancements to get the tune I have used for composing this song across to the world. This tune is recorded in the YouTube as the link has been uploaded and attached to this article.

It is my firm belief that it will make the hearts merry, encourage people.

As no one is a reservoir of knowledge i trust musicians to add flavor to this for the betterment of mankind globally.


Composed Song

1. Life becomes meaningful,

An interesting place

A heaven on earth

If you are subsumed in love


2. In the light of love,

The heart is glad

Becomes merrier,

When there's no place for hatred


3. Yea, the light of love,

Reveals hidden things

'T reveals the darkness things

Preparing lovers to even love more


4. In the open hearts,

The love finds place,

Love rests even

It is peace all round


5. Love can't be hidden,

By the one in love

Irrespective of how,

Love of heart 'll show


6. And where there is love,

You 'll find joy

Multitude of blessings

'Cause of unity


7. Nothing to be desired,

More than love on earth

When you truly love,

You 've fulfilled all laws


8. In all thy gettings,

Thou should get love

For when you do,

You live a free life


9. A toast to my love

Toast to all lovers

All around the world

For fulfilling the law


10. Darling I love you

'll fly away with you

Want to always be

Even where you be


11. I 'll do everything

'Can do anything

For my love

'Cause you 're special to me



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