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A Song - Love All the Way

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Composer's Foreword

When a lover is distressed, the person who is in love with him or her would also be in distress.

This song is essentially composed for lovers whose partners are in a distress or another to let the distressed partner know that as she/he has been downcast this does not exempt the one who deeply love him/her, showing that she/he is not alone in that position.

The link to the tune used in composing this song has been shared here for music lovers globally to listen to and sing along.

Since I am not a reservoir of all knowledge I trust that musicians who love the wordings or anyone at that could partner with the Hubpages management to make use of this song.

Thank you.

Composed Song


Everyday your love

Your love wells up in my heart

I can't do a thing

Without you my Pride and Joy

Your smile always make my day

My day a fulfilled one on earth



You 're the precious o'nament

That I hang 'round neck of my soul

Your thoughts fill my heart

It fills my heart e'ery seconds

I can't think of nothing

Thought of no other thing 'part from you



You 're apple of my life (heart)

Plant'd in garden of love of my soul

You always bring to my soul

Vitamins that my soul requires

Special apple of my life

I 'll keep on protecting you



My love you 're the bracelet

Lucky ornament I worn 'round my wrist

Whenever I put you on

Wherever I enter with you on me

Favor, mercy and blessings

Are always 'ttending to me



Oh my Darling One

Special One, an' purpose of my life

Don't be distracted

By things happening around us

Always remember our love

Our burning love for each other



The Moon of my life

The Sun durin' my daytime

The Only Star that I see

In the firmament of my life

There is nothing that I can trade you

Nor exchange you with on this earth



Your distress my distress

When you are restless I am restless

Know you 're not alone

In the position you are in

Where you die I will die

I 'll always do my best to please you



Listen the Pride of my life

If there 'll be love in another world

Again, 'gain and again

Over an' over I will choose you

Because with you I have that peace

Yea the kind of joy I can't describe




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