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A Song - Lord, I Refuse to Be Dispossessed of My Blessing

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

When we rest on our oars, trusting in ourselves we shall not make advancements and if we make at all it may be limited but when we involve God in all our activities we shall make appreciable progress.

This also has to do with blessings when we do not tell God what we desire sometimes we may not enjoy the fullness of Christ but when we tell him our heart desires we shall enjoy him to the full.

Knowing this, I have therefore come up with this short words to tell God what's in my heart which is believed to be in the hearts of many people too.

As you join in singing it is my belief that we shall be touched by God and our stories turn around for good.

Thank you.

Composed Song


Heavenly Lord command your angels

Yea your angels of blessings

To bring to me your message of blessing

'Cause I'm walking in your ways



Curses of poverty break and destroy on me

Jesus my saviour and Lord

'Cause you have been made a curse for me Lord

Every curses must be broken on me



Rebuke devourers for my sake oh Lord

Block all the holes inside my purse Lord

Let me sow little and reap bounteously

Let me reap where I have not down



Rend the heavens Jehovah Elohim

Let there be your rain of blessings

Rain your blessings on me and my posterity

God of blessings this I prayed for Lord



Let me be blessed in the city Lord

Bless me 'bundantly in the field oh Lord

'Cause I'm hearkening to your voice my God

Command your blessings to overtake me Lord



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