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A Song: I Will Seek First, God's Kingdom

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

I will first of all seek the kingdom of God
Yea, I will always seek his righteousness also
all other things I know 'll be added unto me
and the kingdom of God I 'll inherit at the end

This word of chorus is being sang by itinerant ministers in Nigeria in the early 70s and 80s... soon the tide change....

However, the song came to my mind and I have used it to compose a song which I trust will be used of God to touch people's hearts moving them more towards the kingdom of God considering the new teachings around which make men think more of the earthly possessions than the kingdom of heaven.

Intriguingly Jesus emphatically told the disciples and by extension all his followers to ensure that aeeking the kingdom of God should be our top priority if not the only priority because this world passes away and the lists thereof. But those who continue in the will of God will ever stand.

Seeing how the world is, how many people pursue earthly things I have composed this song for believers that we need not lose focus nor allow for distractions as he has promised to add those earthly things we needed to our lives.

It is my hope that this song will bring our hearts closer to God than before in Jesus name.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) Do not let your heart be troubled Jesus says

You 've believed in God, believe also in me

For in my Father's house there 're many rooms there

I am going there to, prepare a place for you


I will first...

2) After preparing the place for you he says

I will come again to take you to myself

So that where I be, you will also be with me

In the palace of your heavenly Father an' mine


I will first...

3) I want you to know that the kingdom of God

Is neither in meat nor even in drinking

But the kingdom of God it's peace an' righteousness

And in overwhelming joy enmesh'd in Holy Ghost


I will first...

4) Jesus is the way to the Kingdom of God

Jesus is the truth of the kingdom of God

Jesus also is the light of it

He's the everlasting King whose dominion never ends


I will first...

5) My gaze I will fix on the kingdom of God

Resisting and shaking off beast to fire

Redeeming each day by the blood of Jesus Christ

'Cause everyday is full of evil an' wickedness


I will first...

6) I 'll we my affection on the thonst that's above

Neither on the things present on earth nor seas

For where one's treasure is, there one's heart 'll also be

My heart is with the Christ who sits on Right hand of God


I will first...



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