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A Song: I Love You #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Ifeoluwa, Nigeria

Ifeoluwa, Nigeria

The Poet's Brief Word

This shows the resolute mind of a young damsel, who though people ask to forget all about her lover who is in God knows where and may have continued with his life not minding the young damsel again...

Trusting that someone will enjoy this.

The Short Poetry

1. Shakers could shake everything they like

But your love in my heart 'll remain

This is the truth the absolute truth

I love you

2. Fears could grip other people's hearts

'Cause of uncertainties of their love

But as for me am sure of this

I love you

3. If again there's another world

And we 're given chance to choose a lover

I promise you it's you I 'll choose

I love you

4. During the storm I 'll be with you

Weathering the storms of life with you

For you am ready to do anything

I love you

5. Come Darling love come ye to me

For am anxious to meet with you

Your physique is always before me

I love you

6. I 'll cross the oceans to meet you

I 'll climb the mountains to reach you

I 'll go to the valleys to be with you

I love you.


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