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A Song: I Love You #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Debbie 'Feranmi, Ilorin.

Debbie 'Feranmi, Ilorin.

Poet's Foreword

The poetry of a young maiden who fell in love, but her love wasn't with her, he has left the island. Despite not being with her, and other pressures she is faced, she has remained undaunted and has continued to look forward to her lover's appearance...

I hope you will enjoy this short work.

The Short Poetry

1. For thy love friends have d'serted me

I have been reproached by 'em all

Yet I will never let you go

I love you

2. My parents do not really know

What it is that's come over me

For I 'be been 'ntoxicated by your love

I love you

3. Nobody could really fathom

Who and what you really mean to me

Several aspersions 've been cast at me

I love you

4. People said I 've been hypnotized

'Cause of your love at apex of my heart

They don't know why an' how I changed like this

I love you

5. Many a one has said to me

That 'am really, really a fool

For trustin' an' lovin' someone like you

I love you

6. I am not moved by what they say

For I 've been mesmerized by your love

As long as the world 'll subsist

I ('ll) love you