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A Song: I Love You #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Miss Tola Ogundare, Abuja

Miss Tola Ogundare, Abuja

Writer's Foreword

Poetry of a young maiden waiting for her love, though miles apart, though faced with many things that ought to make her to call it quit with the relationship, yet she remained resolute in her decision to continue to love him...

The Poetry/Song

1. Words have continued to fail me

Of how to 'xpress my love to you

Though all I could not say in words

I love you

2. Though we are millionth of miles apart

Separated by hills and mountains

Yet this I want you truly to know

I love you.

3. Valleys though are in between us

Making it 'mpossible for us to meet

Deep within me this I have known

I love you

4. Though seas and rivers 're obstacles

'Cause I cannot swim to get to you

Yet know that the sea within me

Is sea of your love

5. If the world take everything from me

Yet your love they can't take away

For your love is like a well in me

I love you.


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