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A Song: I Do Not Know Why He Loves Me

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

When one sees someone who loves you unconditionally you cannot but be marvelled thinking of what the person has found in you to warrant such display of love.

Experiencing this kind of love makes one to always be on top of the world pushing one to go extra mile and to do what people may consider impossible.

People who have basked in such euphoria of love always achieve the impossible.

I have come with this wordings which I composed into a song, mimicking the tune of the city harvest church to compose the wordings.

I trust and pray that you shall enjoy this simple work.


The Composed Song


No, I don't know

Why, I deserved to e'er be loved

By the man

Who has greatly loved me

'Cause when I was erring

Disobedient an' arrogant

He humbled himself even to seek me out


Though I flee from him

Yet he pursues me

When I turned him down

He yet didn't forsake me

He comes to my side

Appealed to my conscience

Saying he 'll always be there for me


Even in his eyes

I can see his love for me

All over him love is clearly written

His words are assuring

His actions speak loudly

Of his constant love yea for me



I 've been humbled

By the actions of this man

His loving words agree with his actions

I 'll draw close to you

Loving you with my all

'Cause you are yea special one to me



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