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A Song: Fused Together by Love

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Thinking about the person one loves especially when he/she isn't around one cannot be used up doing that for memories upon memories will keep coming to one's mind about the special One, one cares for in life.

I have composed this short song of love thinking about my Lover who is miles away from me, expressing my deep sited love for her though in absentia…

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) When I set my eyes on you oh my pretty one

Fire of love emanating from your eyes

Has melted my Stony-ice-cold heart of love

Flowing to fill your vacuum of love


Come oh my darling…

2) Your love my darling is the water I always drink

The air I breathe on Darling is your Love

A second without you gives me hopelessness

Like a shower I bathe in your love


Come oh my darling…

3) It's your love that has been my lubricant

It protects me from frictions of hatred

From counterfeit love and lovers I'm protected

Your love protects me from wasted efforts


Come oh my darling…

4) You are beautiful my darling beauty inside - out

There is no damsel as beautiful as you

You satisfy me with everything that I want

Nothing but death will separate us


Come oh my darling…

5) I 'll entertain nothing inside me but your love

For you have proved yourself to be outstanding Lover

Oh my dove, my Apple, my rare jewel

As long as I live I 'll love you


Come oh my darling…

(The End)


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