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A Song For The Departing Lover

Kshipra is a student pursuing masters from JNU, India. She loves reading and writing poetry and wants to publish her poems someday.


To My Lover

You came like a dust storm,

lifting me up in an embrace,

like the withered leaves in enigma

are lifted up by moonlit grace.

You were the color of my soul,

the ink of the pages of my book,

the warmth of summer gaze,

of thirst quenching coots.

So come and together let's fly,

to attain the soaring heights,

that they, the coots, take,

embellishing on their ways,

wispy clouds with seeded dreams

Full of evanescence and promises....

Oh why do you dismay?

It is too early to part.

Too early to say goodbyes!

For my heart still aches,

saddled with lonesome cries!

We traversed so many miles

together with hands held together,

and hands held tight...

Whatever went wrong

We were smiling alright,

just a few moments ago,

as you laid in my laps...

How come here we arrive

with our broken selves!

No this ain't the country I used to belong

Change can not happen so sudden

ever, without being forewarned,

without being detested and protested

and being resisted outright,

for it is despicable and awful

with its perseverance and frights!

About you I had a nebulous misgiving,

You gradually transformed as a mistake...

Perhaps we should not have to meet

so much so as to develop in us

the longing- transgressing,

nychthemerons and attachment of ages

Why did you even arrive?

When you were destined to leave by

as time dissolves, you were to be gone

and shatter a bountiful heart;

how did you even get this courage from?

We have just one last stay...

Upon the meanders that we stand,

mounted with heaps of sand...

And behind us sweet petals lie

Leading to thorny bushes ahead.

Perhaps for you its just another sinuosity!

Habituated to wreckage you might be

and your acquaintance to these vistas

may never let you see...

That I stand where you found me;

still; will probably not recover

Do not leave O Apollyon!

Do not ditch your lover!

So come let just fly to soaring heights

I am bleeding my foot, I can't walk

Let the mound never slip away

and the meanders never go astray

Do not part...

Let not the thorns prickle our dream

I have diligently preserved since beginning

in the unfathom'd depths of my heart,

in the color of my soul ...

reflecting in my eyes if you see

for one last time!

Do not say goodbye.

For again we can start...

and build better, i swear

O Apollyon! Do not part...

© 2017 Kshipra Pal

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