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A Song, Darling, You Are My Everything

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A lady who rarely laughs nor smile has been discovered smiling when asked what brought about the change in her mien she didn't reply. However when people close by started monitoring her they discovered that she has now found someone who serves as her source of joy.

This source of joy is a middle-aged young man that she he is going out with.

Then people started to see new life in her new energy in all her activities. Everything she's doing now she puts in more energy, more force into her work.

This newness has inspired me to compose this short song of love.

I haven't noticed from this that love can transform life of a person for good. It can be the other way around too when a person falls into wrong hands.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) my jewel and ma pride

You are my everything

I am for you my love

Yeah for you Alone

2) do not fear my darling

Nor b dismayed

Your love is engrafted

On the plate of my heart

3) it's you alone desire

Even on Earth

Without you oh my love

My life 'll be ruined

4) You are my apple love

You are my joy

My daily desire

Even on earth

5) With you oh my diadem

I know for sure

That I have brighter future

Ahead of me

6) Though we been given birth to

By different parents

But love the greatest cord

Has bind us together

7) Yeah the different e'vironment

That we 've grown up

Cannot even separate

Our feelings of love

8) Our feelings and 'xpressions of love

Have covered the gully

The gully of separation

separating lovers

9) As sun is made for the firmament

And mountain for the earth

We have been destined ever to be

Together and as one

10) As necks hold heads even in position

So is our love

Your love has held my heart upright

Kept my thoughts alright

11) Your early morning kisses of love

Spur me on my Love

Kissing my forehead while going to bed

Makes my dream sweet

12) I desire your kisses of love

Everyday of my life

My Honey I want to grow old with you

Die in your arms



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